NEW -- Access Numbers from other countries --NEW

We now offer calling from 27 International Countries.
Just use your existing PIN from any of these countries.
Here is the link to our International Access Numbers and rates.

Having problems with your VOIP service ?

We are often used as a backup service for folks who already use an Internet based phone service. No monthly fees and we only charge you for the completed calls you have made. Contact us today for more information dial 01 800 044 4357 Toll-Free inside Mexico.

Local Access Now offered in over 240 Towns in Mexico!

Now you can make National calls (to other cities inside Mexico) that cost less than TelMex!! Prices start at 10 ¢ US

Find out the cost of making a call from your area code by going to: Rates within Mexico


We Welcome Abandoned Callback Customers !

With the recent rash of Callback company closings, you may be seeking services to or from Mexico (or the rest of the World). We offer Direct dial services at rates (many times) lower than Callback. We offer toll free services to businesses and individuals requiring portability.

Ask for a quote today !

Calling from Mexico Costs Less Now!

Local Access numbers and 800 Access from Mexico, and 800 Access from the US, Canada and twenty seven other countries.
A Long Distance Telephone Service for Anyone Living or Traveling in Mexico or the US. "Not Call Back"! Save up to 70% on calls to USA , Canada, Europe and Asia. Direct 800 Access, Dial from any phone. Carrier Quality, Good in Mexico, US, Canada and twenty seven other countries.

US, Canada or Mexico Toll Free Origination

PROCOMMDirect offers a quality product to Americans and other foreign nationals residing in Mexico, full time or part time. We offer exceptional rates with no service charges. You only pay for what you use and only for completed calls. Calls made with PROCOMMDirect will be billed every 15 days to your Major Credit Card in US dollars. Call detail and payment history are available online. There are no monthly fees or minimums. The same day you sign-up a welcome letter is emailed to you with your monthly credit limit, PIN (Personal Identification Number), and calling instructions for your new Calling Card. All messages and prompts are in English,Spanish or French.

Unlike callback, you do not have to hang up when placing a long distance call (press ##). ProcommDirect allows you transparent access to our service at the best rates.

PROCOMMDirect Benefits: